Last words.

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I’ve never been so scared of losing something in my life,

then again nothing in my life has ever meant as much to me as you do.

I’ll always remember…

I’ll never forget, how you took my breath away,

the first time we met.

no matter what happens…

no matter what we do,

I’ll always remember the first time I saw you.

One time someone asked me,

"Do you think it’s possable to love a person forever?"

At first I didn’t know what to say,

but then I looked at you, 

I knew it was true,

so I simply replied,

"Forever isn’t long enough.".

I told myself I would never love again,

as much as i didnt want too

You came along and changed my mind.

Theres always that one special person that no matter what they do to you, You just cant let them go.